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Marbella has become the generic name for the Western Costa del Sol. Marbella itself is an elegant Town with an extensive promenade and a wonderful combination of the old and new which gives it its unique atmosphere.

Originally a fishing town nestling under the protection of La Concha Mountain on the edge of the Mediterranean its unique micro climate has made it one of the most temperate places in Europe. 300 days of sunshine with mild winters and comfortable summer temperatures have guaranteed its popularity with thousands of visitors who come year after year.

The visitor to Marbella is able to soak up the atmosphere of the Old Town with fascinating buildings and narrow streets all of which seem to lead into Orange Square. This is the place to enjoy a relaxing evening meal under the stars or during the day to enjoy a good lunch.

Marbella’s night life is somewhat more restrained than Puerto Banus and there is a wealth of elegant bars and restaurants throughout the town to cater for all tastes and budgets.

Marbella Port, opposite the Light Towner, is experiencing a renewal and is becoming increasingly popular for a night out, with a good mix of bars and chill-out places.

Marbella Fishing Port and Marina will in future host space for the Marbella New Marina, ALTHANI, that will transform not only the existing port facilities into an international reference for leading Marinas of the world, but also the surrounding buildings and areas, including clearing space for new developments in a frontline port position. The project is likely to be started after summer, 2012.

The promenade stretches right the way along the coast line and provides great walking areas all the way to Puerto Banus.

On the outskirts of the town is the La Cañada shopping mall, one of the largest on the South Coast of Spain which offers around 300 shops including many of the high street names as well some boutiques.

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